Dolce (Sweets)

Fresh pouring cream  £0.30 / Or ice cream  £1.40

Cannolo £4.30
Tube-shaped shells of fried pastry with sweet creamy ricotta filling

Cheese Cake £4.25
Varies daily. Please ask for todays choices.

Panettone & Butter pudding  £4.60
Classic home-made, served with a choice of ice-cream or custard

Profiteroles & Chocolate sauce. £4.35
Choux pastry balls filled with cream & covered in chocolate sauce!

Tira Mi Su (Pick Me Up!) £4.46
Italian sponge soaked in coffee & Amaretti, topped with Mascarpone & chocolate!

Panna Cotta with Fruit £3.95

Sweet set Cream with fresh fruit & sauce!

Panna Cotta Frangelico £4.45
Sweet set cream with crushed hazelnuts & Frangelico Liqueur

Panzarelli £4.40
Sweet frittas filled with sweet ricotta, nutella, pear and banana.

Cheese & Biscuits. £5.90
Selection of Italian Cheeses,: Percorino, Provolone & gorgonzola

Add a glass of Port for £7.90

Gelati (Ice Cream)

Cassata £3.95
Traditional Sicilian ice-cream with a Candied fruit center

Continental Gelato £4.15
3 scoops of mixed, rich, creamy ice-cream. Please ask which flavors are available.

Tartufo £3.95
Chocolate ice-cream with cocoa & marzipan

Affogato £3.65
Vanilla ice-cream and espresso

Amaretti Gelato £5.75
Vanilla ice cream topped with Amaretti Liqueur, crushed Amaretti biscuits & Almond flakes.

Montagna di Cioccolato £5.95
Torta Nera (chocolate cake), chocolate ice-cream & Profiterole. Topped with chocolate liqueur, chocolate sauce & White Chocolate flakes!

Torta Gelato Santa Lucia £5.95
Torta Mandorle (Almond cake), Strawberry ice-cream, fresh strawberries & Marsh mellows covered in Champagne.

Coppa Irlandese. £6.10
Baileys liqueur, fresh banana, vanilla ice-cream, nutella, hazelnuts, Rossini biscuits & whipped cream!